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Welcome to my Digital Home!

2023 was a challenging year for me.

In its second half, I had to confront myself and my life from a completely different perspective.

The tears, whether from pain or happiness, were countless! 😄

The significant truth I had to face was my addiction. I never thought of myself as an addictive person, but analyzing life in comparison to my father’s made me choose – move forward or continue living in addictive behavior (which seemed like absolute freedom) and end up unhappy. The list of addictions in my life starts from drugs and ends up with relationships…

I chose to move forward. Is it easy? F*ck, no! 😂 But it’s worth it.

So, in my blog, I’ve decided to transition from a professional to a more personal space, sharing my journey and thoughts. I have a plethora of stories to tell you!

I’m confident it may inspire positive changes in many of your lives.


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