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The Words "Later", "Someday" Are Our Enemies

"The Words "Later", "Someday" Are Our Enemies. They Do Not Allow Us To Live, Love, Appreciate."

Katrin Shein


How multifaceted life is. How much can happen in the world simultaneously. And there are things happening that, once realized, hurt. And you ask yourself - why is no one prepared for this? Why do we suffer from ignorance and our own helplessness? And we live for years expecting just one scenario. But the scenario can be completely different.

Why aren't we allowed to suffer because of traditions? Because of the inconvenience of being a sentimental, sensitive person. Such a person is inconvenient. Because they are genuine, right?

In the pursuit of something, claiming to be omnipotent, life is lost, because we are too busy chasing the result.

What is the result if there is no life?

What is the value of living if the criterion is just "show the result"? And the results of this pursuit turn into hundreds of utterly unfair life endings.

I've been painfully struck for a week by the thought of what life is, where it begins and where it ends? Or do we determine these parameters ourselves?

I am painfully struck by the realization of how one can waste years of life in every single day, and those who really wanted to live no longer have this opportunity. Why? Because someone else was chasing their goal, their result.

It hurts me to see that in a world where everything seems to be for people, people manage to do the opposite. Because there always needs to be more, better, the way you want, you need to control it with your own hands.

And can AI replace a human? In my opinion, it's safer; they don't have ego.

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