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My Essentials to Treat Stress and Adrenalin Addiction

That’s interesting... It seems like addiction is something physical, right? Like alcohol/drugs/cigarettes/casinos/porn/food.

And here it seems so simple - just pull yourself together, take control, and quit. But it turns out that when you give up one “physical action,” something else immediately takes its place. For example, quit smoking - start eating a lot. Quit alcohol - start playing games or something else.

That’s how it went for me. The first thing I gave up was drugs. Then alcohol. And when I quit alcohol, it seems like my brain chemistry started looking at things more reasonably, and I finally managed to decisively end my dependent relationships, not only with a man and a group where I was studying.

And there - silence. There’s nothing giving me that “boost.” What did I start doing? I started eating, a lot of everything. Plus, unconsciously, I arranged everything so that my income dropped by half.

So, what do you think is the main “boost” for a dependent person? Sugar? Not at all! It’s stress and adrenaline. They give you such a dose of happiness that being in stress and under the influence of adrenaline makes you feel alive...

Realizing all of this honestly shocked me. How can one self-destruct like that??? And you can’t do anything in the moment; it’s just biochemical reactions that are much stronger than reason, which understands everything perfectly.

So, to change something in my life now, I’ll not only engage in working with my mind and subconscious but also, of course, a complex of supplements for the nervous system, teaching it to live without stress, training the brain to function without adrenaline boosts.

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