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One Step to
"New You"

I support my clients in the strive to improve their body potential and life quality by providing them with individually elaborated food/lifestyle plans.


I am Katrin Shein, health coach and gut-healing nutritionist from Estonia.

My mission is to help my clients to build long-term healthy habits and behaviors by preparing tailor-made health plans and programs based on my experience using both mental and physical approach. 

I help my clients to transform their body and life without putting restrictions and stress so they can feel self confidence, energy and lightness of body.


I will help you to reach your dreamed transformation!



   Bachelor in Business Administration  (Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Science) 

   Alumnus of the School of the Functional Medicine in Moscow

   Alumnus of  London College of Beauty Therapy

   Certified Gut-Health Recovery Nutritionist (UOM, Moscow University of Functional Medicine)

   Health coach accredited by European Coaching Association

   Member of the Estonian Association of Consultants (Eesti Konsultantide Assotsiatsioon)

   Nutrition teacher in Tallinn Linnamae Vene Lutseum (Course “Basic of nutrition”) 

   Author of “Diet and Stress free weight loss”  Method 

   Author of gut recovery programs in cooperation with SynLab Tallinn and Tartu (Genorama)

   Author of the online course “Nutrition Science in hospitality” for chefs and restaurant business owners at the Tallinn Private cooking school TET


   5 years experience of individual coaching and consulting

   3 years experience of group courses and seminars for teenagers and adults

   Guest speaker in Estonian media (ETV+, Delfi, Postimees, Narodnoe, R4, Stolitsa, MK Estonia)

   Expert in the weight loss project "Before and After" in cooperation with

Working in
cooperation with



Choose yours and let's start!


Weight Loss

+ Overweight

+ "Plato" Effect

+ Emotional and Compulsive Eating

+ Detoxification

+ Motivation Loss

My goal is to support you and provide you without any stress and strict diets with a personal weight loss program. Changing your habits step by step will help you to lose/find your best weight and stay at that healthy weight.



Skin Recovery

+ Acne

+ Dryness

+ Psoriasis

+ Anti-aging

+ “Tired” skin with dark circles under eyes

My goal is to discover the main reason of your skin problems such as acne/dryness/grey skin color/ spots/blue rings under eyes and provide you with a full plan inc. my weekly support to make your skin more healthy and shiny.


Boosting the
Immune System

+ Vaccine/Covid-19

+ Fatigue

+ High stress level

+ Allergy

+ Regular seasonal illness

My goal is to create your personal life style plan and support you in a way so it will help you to boost energy, forget about allergies and sneezing, leave behind winter flu and get rid off after vaccine/covid side effects.

Program durations are between 3-6 months.

For further information about the programs

CLICK HERE to get in contact.

Have you already decided which program is the best for you? 
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My method of work is  individual strategy  based on your body needs!

    All the strategy is builded based on body analyses!
  • NO DIET!
    I add, don’t cut!
    No total lifestyle change from first moment! I'm here to help you, not to stress you!
    With my explanation you know what you do and FOR what it is needed!
    You get support on every step!


step 1

Click the "GET FREE CONSULTATION" button below, select your program and fill the form with the necessary information.

step 2

With the pre-information we get from you, we contact you in the fastest time and schedule FREE 15 minutes call.

step 3

After we meet and talk about the details and you confirm the package, I start working on your personal plan.

step 4

We start your long term transformation by following your personal plan step by step and reach the target together!



and the

Some magic touches by Katrin.





Some words by clients.

Mila, Technical Manager

"Dear Katrin thank you so much for program you made for me!
This program included so many important and useful information, such as managing my life habits, regulating my nutrition and not being attached to only one diet in my life. You are an amazing expert, very professional, I love how you’ve set up my mind and how you’ve shared your knowledge with me. I loved your “approach without any restrictions”... It was the first time ever when I felt healthy without any “must”,“have to” or “can’t”!!
I am starting to care for myself and loving my body. This is the result of the mental side of our work which was part of our sessions.
Thank you so much Katrin! You helped me to discover how it is to feel healthy and self confident!"


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